General Info

General Info

Kissing Camels Estates is a beautiful and secure place to live. It is our wonderful residents who make it the friendly community that we all enjoy. Hopefully, the following information will address basic questions.

Kissing Camels Estates Resident Information

Annual Meeting
Annual meeting is normally held in August 14, notice will be sent to all residents with time and location.

Architectural Control Committee
Plans for new homes and landscaping, and any exterior remodeling of homes or re-landscaping must be submitted to the ACC for approval. The Design Guidelines were published and distributed in early 2004. The procedure and fees for submission of plans can be obtained by emailing Stephanie at

Away Forms
Away forms can be obtained at the Gatehouse, so Security will know your home is vacant. The form requests contact phone numbers should there be a problem.

Basketball Hoops
Basketball hoops are available at the Recreation Center. Other hoops must be removable and taken down when not being used. Board – is composed of nine members elected annually for staggered three-year terms.

Concerns and Suspicious Activity
Concerns and suspiciouse activity of any kind should be reported to the Gatehouse – 473-5980. There is a form at the Gatehouse for items to be brought to the Board’s attention.

Contact Form
Contact form should be filled out by each resident so the officers know who to contact if there is a problem at your property.

Defibrillator is at the Gatehouse and the officers are certified on its use – 473-5980.

Dues are billed quarterly but can be paid annually in advance. If you have billing questions, call 719-389-0700 . Past due accounts will have an interest charge assessed.

Electronic Gates
The North and East Gates are monitored by camera. To obtain access to these gates, a Gate Entry Form and a check for $45 should be turned in to the Gatehouse for issuance of an electronic card(s). Please make your checks payable to KCPOA. Both gates operate 24 hours a day.

Emergencies call 911 and then Security – 473-5980.

Fireworks are not permitted in the city. Kissing Camels Club puts on an annual 4th of July show on the driving range.

Fishing is permitted in the pond by South 7 and North 8, however those fishing must not get between the tee and green.

Gatehouse monitors entry to the Estates and assists residents with emergencies. All residents must have a KC decal on their vehicles to expedite entry and traffic flow. Residents and guests with passes should use the right lane when entering through the main entrance. Please slow down when passing by the Gatehouse for the identification of passes and for the safety of the Security Officers. When entering after dark, please use your parking lights to make it easier for the officer to see the decal. Report suspicious activity to the Gatehouse – 473-5980.

Guests will be stopped at the gate. Please call ahead and let Security know that you are expecting someone. Please supply the Gatehouse a list if you are hosting a party - 473-5980.

Median Maintenance
Any issues in the Estates medians should be reported to the Gatehouse – lights out, damage to median, etc.

Monitor Agency Notice Form
Monitor Agentcy Notice form assists Security in making the proper notifications when burglary, fire and medical emergencies and alarms occur.

Notices are sometimes passed out at the main gate - please slow down so the officers can give them to you. A sign is placed at the other entrances to let you know when there is a notice. Oversized

Vehicles can be registered at the Gatehouse and parked in the east side of the Kissing Camels Club parking lot for up to one week.

Passes for household help can be obtained at the Gatehouse. Authorized Visitation Forms are issued to workers, family members, or friends who visit frequently. Worker passes can be issued for up to one year.

Packages cannot be received by the Gatehouse.

Personal Services
Personal services cannot be performed by the Security Officers.

Pets must be registered at the Gatehouse in addition to normal city licensing. Pets are limited to not more than three per home.

Recreation Center
KCPOA members have use of the Center as long as they follow its rules and are current with all Estates obligations. It is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Residents can receive charge cards for the summer, if they are current with their dues. Information on the Center’s activities is provided in May.

Roundabout at main entrance to Kissing Camels Estates is designed to facilitate safe traffic flow. When entering, look to your left and yield to traffic. When in the roundabout keep moving, do not yield to traffic waiting to enter.

Please see sign policy.

Snow Removal
Snow removal is provided for our neighborhood streets, with the major streets completed first.

Speed Limit
Speed limit is 25mph, 20mph entering and exiting main entrance.

Tennis Courts
Tennis courts are available at the Recreation Center where children have priority.

Tipping of Security Officers is not allowed.

Trash cannot be disposed of anywhere in the Estates. Individual residential sanitation services must be coordinated by the resident.

Walking/Jogging Paths
Walking/jogging paths are provided to direct those going a different speed than cars to the same side of the street for the safety of drivers and walker/joggers.

Wildlife is abundant on the Mesa; however, if you spot a bear, please let the Gatehouse know as they can be dangerous – 473-5980.